Business Model RESILIENCE

Operational EXCELLENCE

Achieving Business Model RESILIENCE and Operational EXCELLENCE

Developing resilient business models requires an ecosystem-level understanding of the dynamics driving the markets in which each company operates. It also requires building a culture of operational excellence.  Our business model expertise across local markets and global economies and our deep operational experience enable us to rapidly recognize business model options, partner synergies, product strategy options, compelling innovation concepts, an non-obvious sources of distribution.

In every client engagement our goals include:  understanding the technological, economic, and market drivers putting your business model at risk, while identifying options for your company to achieve more business resiliency and operational excellence to protect your company, enabling you to act with confidence.

Today’s business leaders must do more to:

> Anticipate and evaluate how things are or will be changing
> Rethink existing business models that may be at risk
> Develop resilient business models that can survive into the future

We specialize in understanding business model weaknesses and opportunities across complex ecosystems of known customers, partners, suppliers, and competitors. As business model strategists, we look for the intersection between business model and product innovation, and non-obvious relationships based on the applicable ecosystem resources and available information.

Do you own the vision, mission, strategy, operations and P&L for your firm? If so, we can help you examine both your business model resiliency and operational effectiveness in order to find course corrections necessary in this age of increasingly rapid change and previously unforeseen business challenges.

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The Gendreau Group was founded in 1989.

Early in his career, Timothy Gendreau was recognized for his ability to “see things differently” and be able to quickly sift through the issues to discover what really matters.  How to identify high-value problems and solutions was easy for him, while not so easy for most others.

As a result, more and more individuals and companies began contacting Timothy to ask for his assistance in solving complex challenges and meeting critical objectives. While living in Seattle in 1989, he was encouraged to start his own strategy consulting practice.

This ability to see things differently and identify sources of revenues and value where others cannot has become a hallmark of The Gendreau Group.