Are you confident you know HOW TO GROW your business?

Do you know what PROBLEMS you solve… and for whom?

Do you know the VALUE of problems you solve?

Are you considering EXPANDING in existing MARKETS, or opening NEW MARKETS?

How much more REVENUE could your EXISTING products generate?


Could you LICENSE your TECHNOLOGIES in exchange for royalty REVENUE?

We help clients find more ways to GROW REVENUES
from existing technologies, products, services and markets.

Developing successful growth strategies requires an ecosystem-level understanding of the dynamics driving the markets in which each company operates.  Our expertise across markets and our deep experience enable us to rapidly recognize synergies, develop strategy options, recognize compelling innovation, and identify non-obvious sources of distribution.  Our goals in every client engagement include:  identifying growth opportunities, reducing risk, and enabling clients to act with confidence.

We work with c-levels and senior managers who own P&L to uncover new sources of revenue and solve complex revenue challenges. 

We specialize in finding more ways to generate revenues from existing products, technologies, and services.  As revenue strategists, we look for the intersection between business and product innovation, and non-obvious sources of distribution and revenue generation.

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We specialize in:

We find and help clients remove obstacles and roadblocks to growth and revenue generation.

We focus on monetizing products, technologies, services and intellectual property.  We do this by identifying strategy options available to clients, designing strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs, and assisting with the implementation of strategies in order to help ensure healthy and sustainable revenue generation.

Representative Services include:

Partnering, Licensing, & Distribution

We work with start-ups as well as much larger public and private entities to develop partnering, licensing, and distribution strategies that get our clients’ offerings into the marketplace as stand-alone solutions or as components that make someone else’s offerings better.  Learn more about  Improving Distribution, Developing Partners & Channels, and Licensing Strategies.

Enhancing Valuation

Companies that are proactive about taking steps to review their situation and find more ways to leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses will be better positioned to maximize any advantages the market will afford them in the year ahead.  They will also be better prepared to show financial institutions, investors, and potential buyers the most attractive possible valuation roadmap. Learn more about Enhancing Valuation.

Productizing & Monetizing Assets

Productization is the process of turning an asset or existing offering – i.e., a product, service, or technology – into something that can be built once and sold many times. Monetization is assigning value and price to an offering. We help clients ensure that they can address all things critical to successfully productizing and monetizing for whatever they intend to sell.   Learn more: Productizing and Monetizing Assets and Offerings.

State-of-Play Market Analysis

You may think you know your customers and markets.  But is your knowledge based on an analysis of what they have been like in the past or what they are likely to be in the future?  TGG does the analysis to understand what the current state-of-play is and how that market is likely to change going forward.  The key to developing successful growth strategies is learning from history, and then anticipating what is likely to happen based on trends, facts, data and professional insights.  Learn more: TGG State-of-Play Market Analysis Services.

Repurposing IP, Tech, & Products

We find untapped revenues to help clients maximize bottom line results.  One way we do this by identifying new markets and uses for existing IP, technologies, or products.  We provide a “soup-to-nuts” service that includes: researching and qualifying opportunities, initiating relationships, negotiating deals, and delivering actual revenues.  Learn more about Repurposing IP, Technologies, and Products.

Commercializing Technologies

To identify right-fit commercialization strategies, we begin with an examination of a client’s goals, management philosophy, organization capabilities and culture.  We then create a blueprint of what is to be commercialized, the markets where these might be sold, and the problems the new offering(s) will solve and for whom.  From there, we identify appropriate business models,  financing options, and go-to market strategies.  Learn more.


We provide the analysis necessary to gauge the impact of globalization activities by geographic region by focusing on market problems, solutions, costs to distribute, and costs associated with servicing and supporting a client’s offerings.  We consider the environment, culture, political systems, and the economy where the client intends to operate.  Learn more TGG Globalization Strategies.

Strategic Funding

TGG defines “strategic funding” as funding that does not require a firm to give up equity.   TGG specializes in identifying forms of strategic funding that are based in revenues, not equity.  We focus on figuring out why the survival and health of a client is or could be in the best interest of one or more third parties, and then getting the identified third parties to recognize this and put up the money necessary to assure this mutual best interest.  Learn more about TGG Strategic Funding Strategy Services.

The Gendreau Group was founded in 1989.

Early in his career, Timothy was recognized for his ability to “see things differently” and be able to quickly sift through the issues to discover what really matters.  How to identify high-value problem and solutions was easy for him, while not so easy for most others.

As a result, more and more individuals and companies began contacting Timothy and asking for his assistance in solving complex challenges and meeting critical objectives. While living in Seattle in 1989, he was encouraged to start his own strategy consulting practice.

This ability to see things differently and identify sources of revenues and value where others cannot has become a hallmark of The Gendreau Group.