In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive world, the need for effective collaboration can be overwhelmed by the instinct to compete.  This is true for individuals and societies as well for professionals and businesses.  But collaboration, either through informal or formal arrangements, can mean the difference between sustainable business success and business failure.

Collaboration:  A Key to Serving Clients More Effectively

Done well, collaboration not only strengthens individual and organizations, but also generates a diversity of ideas and perspectives that can lead to more creative solutions to whatever challenges one is facing.  This is why we at The Gendreau Group have proactively sought out collaborators and associates – individuals who complement and strengthen our organization.

TGG’s most recent collaboration, one which we will formally announcing shortly, is with Colorado-based firm, Escalate Solutions, and its CEO, Kimberly Arnold.  Initially, it appeared we would be more likely to be competitors than collaborators.  However, after several in-depth conversations, we began to realize we had more to gain by collaborating than by competing.

Why our collaboration makes sense.

First, our collaboration extends the scope and quality of services we can offer.  By working with Escalate, TGG will be able offer its clients the opportunity to benefit from Kimberly Arnold’s extensive experience helping clients optimize operational effectiveness.  And by collaborating with TGG, Escalate’s clients will benefit from our approach to identifying and developing growth and revenue strategies.

Escalate Solutions + The Gendreau Group Service Model

Figure:  Our collaboration model showing how our areas of focus complement and extend our services scope

Next, our collaboration extends our geographic reach.  We will now be able to more easily serve businesses and non-profits in two of most active business and technology development areas in the United States:  Southern California with a focus on San Diego and Orange Counties, and the greater Denver metropolitan including Boulder, CO.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our collaboration deepens the cross-industry experience we bring to the table. Therefore, we will be able to offer clients more insights and perspectives on things they must consider as they seek to find more effective ways to grow revenues and achieve business sustainability.

If you are interested in learning how The Gendreau Group and Escalate Solutions might help you develop more effective collaborations, grow your business, and feel more confident about your future, please contact us.  We offer free initial consultations to discuss your needs and challenges.

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Kimberly Arnold, CEO
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Post written by Susan Wayo, Principal at The Gendreau Group

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