TGG Service: Core Competency Analysis

What is a “Core Competency?”  Why do you need to know?

A core competency is anything that affords your company competitive advantage.   Advantage might come from superior product, from more efficient operations, or from other attributes of a firm.

Your leadership and everyone else in your organization MUST understand:

  • What your core competencies are – and how to protect them.
  • What value your core competencies create – for your customers and for you!
  • Your non-core competencies – what things that you must do well, but that do not differentiate your organization from your competition.



The TGG Core Competency Assessment

We can help you understand what your company’s core competencies are, what value these competencies create – for customers, partners, and for the firm – and what you might need to add or focus on more diligently in order to fully achieve your strategic objectives.

To do this, we use interviews and/or surveys to obtain input from a broad group of individuals, both internal and external to the company. We ask critical questions that all businesses should be able to answer, and then cross-correlate the results to see what pattern emerges.  We also look at competitors and firms that face similar business and market challenges, even if they are not competitors.  We then evaluate the strength of the competencies found.

The primary deliverable from a Core Competency Assessment spells out:

  • What your true core competencies are – and why these are core
  • How valuable your competencies are – measured in terms of competitive advantage and revenue potential
  • Any actions that we recommend you and your team take – to protect, improve, or add to your core competencies