TGG Service: Improving Distribution

Maximizing Revenues through Partnering and Channel Development

For many products and companies, a direct sales strategy can be expensive, yield only limited market reach, and be an inefficient way to rapidly capture market share.

A channel and distribution strategy that relies on third parties is often required to maximize sales and revenues, but a poorly implemented distribution or channel strategy wastes time and money, leaves a company vulnerable to competitive threats, and can damage the company’s reputation in the marketplace.

A well-designed, properly implemented distribution strategy makes it possible for a company to maximize the value of its core competencies and maintain its focus. And while simultaneously increasing “feet on the street” and minimizing cost of sales, a smart strategy can also open doors to future funding and attractive exit strategies.

Identifying best-fit channels begins with a clear understanding of (a) the value provided by a product or service, (b) how that value is created and delivered, and (c) who benefits and who else might benefit in that exchange of value.

We find smarter ways for clients to maximize revenues by helping them create and improve their third party relationships, by negotiating effective agreements and by actually generating revenues from channels and third party relationships.

Negotiating deals with distribution partners is one of the things we do best, in part because we’re good at negotiations, but more importantly because we understand that the best deals are those that produce great outcomes for all parties involved.

Timothy Gendreau


We’re diligent and very focused when we do this kind of work. We roll up our sleeves to help clients with the really hard stuff, from research to negotiating deals with third parties.

Susan Wayo