TGG Service: Facilitating Workshops and Conferences

Facilitating Successful Workshops is a TGG Core Competency

TGG facilitates workshops and conferences for for a wide variety of situations, but for three primary reasons:

1. Kickoff and internal workshops:   These are workshops that afford us direct insights into a client situation.  Virtually all TGG revenue strategy engagements begin with some for of face-to-face kick-off workshop.  This kind of interaction is essential for getting to know each client and for letting the client see how we operate.

2. Internal client training, problem solving, and strategy development workshops:   These are workshops designed to facilitate team development, stimulate strategic thinking, and surface information necessary for identifying strategy options and understanding company and team strengths as well as limitations.

3. Conferences and other kinds of events:  TGG has extensive experience designing and facilitating events for clients that involve external parties.  These include: customer meetings and off-sites, user or industry group meetings, professional organization conferences, or other types of events where a client needs to be involved, but can benefit from professional and impartial third party coordination.

Internal Workshops with Clients

We use the workshop-based approach to learn from our clients and their teams about their products, technologies, services, solutions, price points, value propositions, target markets, etc.

Based on the advance research we do prior to the workshop, we are able to help participants bring forth information and insights they may not even realize they possess.  We challenge their thinking, especially in areas where they have previously been confident – especially where “well, we’ve always done things this way” thinking has never been challenged.  During our workshops – which, by the way, are never intended for the meek or faint of heart – we discuss and dissect what is known and unknown about areas essential to the engagement.  Topics covered usually include some combination of the following:

  • Competitors and perceptions about competition
  • Emerging technologies and the impact of technology on their business
  • Customers, buyer behaviors, and social trends
  • Company sales, marketing approaches, results and trends
  • Existing and planned offerings, product planning processes, and product/offering roadmaps
  • Company culture and management style
  • And whatever else we deem necessary to get a satisfactorily complete picture of the client’s situation and needs – known and unknown.

Client engagement kick-off workshops are particularly import.  In these is never our goal to resolve or create; rather to understand.  It is designed and executed to bring forth the maximum useful information, question the status quo, and identify where where there is revenue, strategy potential, and the highest level of creative and insightful thinking.

Subsequent client workshops are usually geared to team development, problem or challenge identification and solution development, getting input necessary for identifying strategic options, and for planning.  We never seek to develop strategies by group or committee.  We do use group interactions to discuss the merits of strategy recommendations we bring to the table as a result of our research, analysis, and work with the CEO or whomever it is who is responsible for strategy.

Custom internal workshops may be on any of the following topics:

  • New product / service development
  • Developing Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Finding Unique Ways to Understand Complex Problems
  • What Strategy Is and Is Not
  • Innovation , Organization, and Team Mobilization
  • How to Build an Innovation culture
  • Strategic Funding 101
  • How to Exit
  • Long-range Strategic Planning
  • Interventional Facilitation
  • How to Get Courted
  • Revenue Potential Assessment

All workshops are customized according to the needs of each client and the audience members who will participate.   An ideal workshop size is 8 to 12 participants.

Conferences and Events Involving People Outside of Your Organization

TGG occasionally assists clients with events that involve people outside of the company – e.g., key customer conferences or user group meetings where the goal is to not only learn from attendees but to also motivate them to think and act in ways beneficial to our client’s business.  Conferences of this type are usually full-day or multi-day events where enough time is available to get the participants interacting, thinking creatively, and then making some sort of commitment to act.   Typically, this size conference involves 100 or fewer individuals.

In all cases, TGG works to understand the desired outcomes and to establish clear goals and measurements of success for the event, to gain a clear understanding in advance of the participants and possible or likely interaction challenges, to develop relevant and meaningful exercises that will encourage desired active audience participation, and to create a solid game plan that will assure achieving desired event outcomes.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we might help your organization.