TGG Service: Developing Investor Presentations and Collateral

Investors are all alike.  They all want to know:  How much money will I make and when will I make it?

When it comes to the ‘pitch’ or the presentation materials, we have learned that Investor presentations come in four grades:

> Train wreck

> Good Enough

> Outstanding

> Insanely Great

Your first objective is to rise above train wreck.  Your goal should be outstanding.  To do this, you must successfully answer these kinds of questions:

What is the opportunity? Who is your customer? How acute is their problem?  How do you solve it?  What proof of concept do you have?

How big is it? How big is your addressable market for your solution?  How big is you accessible market? How fast is your target market growing?  Will growth be sustainable?

How will you or do you make money? How do you create value? How do you describe this value? What is the customer value proposition?  How will you price?

Do you have a realistic go-to-market plan?  Will revenues be sustainable?  Will your business scale?

How will you defend against competition? Who or what will compete for the same dollars you will compete for?

Do you have adequate IP?  What other barriers to entry by others will you have?

Can you execute? Does your team have appropriate skills and experience?  Is your operations/implementation plan realistic?

What traction do you have? What proof do you have that customers will buy?

How much money do you need, and why? How much funding do you need to reach cash flow breakeven?  How will it be applied to increase value?

Based on what our Private Equity and VC partners have told us, most reasons for a the train wreck investor presentation are:

>Too technical

Too long

Too much detail

Too much product, not enough about the business.

Crowded or illegible slides

Poor eye contact

Talking too fast

We can help you avoid disaster.  We will work with you to determine what matters to the finding source(s) you are pursuing.  Then we will help you get the pitch, slides, and other documents right.  And we will help you ensure you look professional, sound credible, and most appropriately reflect who you are and what your organization is or intends to become.