TGG Service: Developing Licensing Strategies

When your company has a technology that seems valuable, you have important questions you should answer:

Do you want to productize or commercialize this technology – and if so, why?

Would you prefer to sell your new offering direct to end buyers – and if so, why?

Would you consider or prefer to license your product or technology through a licensing deal with another company that already has the resources in place necessary to get your offering out into the market – and if so, why? 

The answers to these questions are usually, “It depends.”  And indeed it does depend on many factors.

This is where we come in.  Our job is to help you determine your best-bit strategy options, identify third parties who would benefit from a relationship with your organization, and where appropriate, determine how to most effectively persuade third parties to add your offering to their product line, and help develop the deal structures that will yield the greatest topline results (revenues) while eliminating or minimizing your execution and support costs.

As strategists, we know any of the following can stop a potential partnering or licensing deal dead in its tracks, but not before you’ve wasted consider time and expense:

Your technology or offering is not new or not seen as sufficiently valuable

The third parties you pursue are not looking for new offerings to market, sell, or support

A new offering based on your technology cannot be produced at a cost that will support prices that buyers will accept

Inadequate intellectual property protection exists

Sales forecasts for a new offering based on your technology is not large enough to be of interest a third party

The required front-end investment in producing a new offering based on your technology is too large or too uncertain

The required operational changes required to produce, deliver, and support are too great

You or members of your team approach candidate partners incorrectly

Your company is seen as going through hard times, and third parties questions your viability

A management change pending either within the third party you or within your own firm

We can help you select smart licensing strategies, select right-fit partners, determine the right ways to approach candidate licensees, structure smart deals, and do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.