TGG Service: State-of-Play Market Analysis

Evaluating Your State-of-Play in the Markets You Serve or Want to Serve

To maximize revenues and valuation, you must understand your markets.  And you must be able to position around value to sell effectively.

Anticipating market direction and determining how to affect the best possible business outcomes are among the toughest challenges senior managers face. The “dot-com bust” was ultimately caused by managers who, rather than using relevant hard data as the basis for strategy development and forecasting, guessed and assumed the value buyers would place on their products or services. Results were disastrous. By providing and using solid market research, we help senior managers identify and evaluate revenue-generating opportunities and the best ways to pursue them.

We research markets to understand product and company potential. We help clients assess how existing and potential customers value or may value their core competencies and how well those competencies provide true competitive advantage. We evaluate existing or proposed products and services to determine which deserve investment because they provide the greatest potential for generating revenues, increasing market share and creating sustainable advantage. We help clients examine and understand market risks and best-fit response strategies.

State-of-Play Analysis Analysis Includes:

  • Your Market – Total, Addressable, Accessible
  • Your Business Ecosystem – Definition and Analysis
  • Your Buyers – Behaviors & Value Perceptions
  • Your Competition – Head-to-Head and Indirect
  • Your Brand & Messaging – Are You Being Heard?
  • Third Party Relationships – Yours vs. Your Competition
  • Your Sales and Distribution – How Effective Are These?

For companies in emerging and growth markets: We ensure solid understanding of market forces and the behavior of relevant players – buyers, competitors, vendors, regulators, industry groups, etc. We facilitate the acquisition of data needed to create effective pricing, sales, and distribution strategies. We help evaluate threats and risks, and find strategies to stimulate product/service adoption and revenue growth.

For companies or products serving mature markets: We look for ways to address the problems of commoditization and slowing revenue growth by finding value-adds and new markets for existing products, or new products for existing markets. We help companies recognize and deal with structural market shifts and the advent of disruptive technologies.

For companies or products facing declining revenues: We look for ways to leverage existing revenue streams while nurturing and transitioning to next generation offerings. Where necessary, we help clients exit existing businesses and sell-off or discontinue existing products.

We are experts at rapid implementation of new revenue strategies. When time is of the essence or where talent and resources are limited, we help companies implement new revenue strategies. Competencies range from helping clients develop new branding, positioning, and messaging, to providing direct assistance in business development and channel development. We are frequently called upon to assist in the creation of new sales tools, to help improve sales processes, and to train sales teams and other internal groups.