TGG Service: Monetizing and Productizing Assets and Offerings

Productizing” is the process of taking a technology or service and turning it in a “product” – i.e., something you design and build once but sell many times.  (Contrast this to one-off, custom work of any kind.)

Monetizating” is the process of determining economic value and use this to determine how to package, price, and sell – i.e., everything required to actually generate revenues.

TGG has extensive experience helping many types of copies both productize and monetize their offerings.   While nearly any asset can be monetized, the types of assets we focus on are generally tangible assets such as intellectual property (IP), physical assets that a company owns or otherwise controls, or services that a company repeatedly provides but only as custom services such as one-off market research studies, software development services, or technology engineering services.

Productization and Monetization are just one of many ways we help companies develop strategies that will drive better financial performance through revenue growth, healthier revenues, and better cost management.  Doing this enables clients to unlock more of the economic value embedded in existing assets.

In the process we also look for opportunities to repurpose existing existing assets to solve different problems.  (Learn more about TGG Repurposing Services.)

Whether and how to productize and monetize an asset or not is a strategic question that has long-term implications on financials, operations, organization, the market, other offerings, and risk management.  We work with clients to determine if which assets a business has that are or may be good candidates for productization or monetization.  We use an objective, fact-based approach to assessing requirements and determining what options would viable and would be a smart fit for each client.

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