TGG Service: Strategy Development

What Type of Strategies Do You Need to Develop, Grow, and Protect Your Organization?

The type or types of strategies you need depends on your sphere of responsibility and sphere of influence. We help boards, CEOs, investors and others who own P&L determine what strategies they need, why they need these, and what they need to do to develop and implement those strategies.

TGG specializes in the following types of strategy development:

Revenue Strategies for Existing Offerings and Assets

Helping those responsible for revenue generation understand their assets and revenue strategy options; define, document, and analyze the revenue potential of each; assess the costs, risks and impacts on operations; and choose which options to implement, which to forego, and why.

Determining An Organization’s End-game.

Identifying exit strategies that will enable owners, investors, and senior leadership to maximize real and perceived market value in order to net the highest returns possible when it becomes necessary or prudent to sell, acquire, merge, restructure, or close down a division or a whole organization.

Distribution, Licensing and Partnering Strategies

Crafting strategies to enable organizations – for profit or non-profit, public or private – to establish, build, manage, and evolve relationships with third parties, especially for the purposes of generating revenue and creating meaningful value and sustainable competitive advantage.

Supporting Implementation Strategies and Plans

Helping clients implement strategies and achieve desired outcomes.  Developing detailed execution plans.  Identifying investment resources.  Defining resource requirements, organization structure, and operational metrics.  Providing implementation support where needed.