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Collaboration Rather than Competition

Done well, collaboration not only strengthens individual and organizations, but also generates diversity of ideas and perspectives that can lead to more creative solutions to whatever challenges one is facing. This is why we at The Gendreau Group have proactively sought out collaborators and associates – individuals who complement and strengthen our organization.

A True Story of Health Insurance Hell

Many people likely fall victim to these very practices – and never know it! This is a true story about a health insurance nightmare – one that has been going on for at least seven years. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who wrote the email below*.  What would...

Checkmate!  Your Competition Won – and You Didn’t See That Coming!

Do you realize who your competition really is? Customer attitudes, preferences and behaviors naturally change over time. But in the last 10 years – given the enormous economic volatilities, and more recently, the certain political uncertainties we now face coupled with the ways social media and mobile technologies are upending how we interact and transact – attitudes and behaviors have been changing faster and more precipitously than ever before!

Can Profits Be a Problem?

Image source:  NY -  The United States has long been portrayed as the land of opportunity and optimism. Unfortunately, at this point in time, most profits seem to be reserved for the elite. According to recent news reports like this one from...

ENERGIZE Your Distribution

AMP UP Your Value Proposition… FOR YOUR DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS! Instead of just pushing what your company sells through channels, you should be looking for ways to create demand, a.k.a., “pull” from your channels. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that...

Repurposing Intellectual Property: Part 2

Repurposing is a form of innovation It necessitates that leaders and managers find ways to step “out of the box” and look across markets for ideas and opportunities.  While this may be great fun for some, it is also likely to be painfully difficult for others.  But in...

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