Business Model Resilience

There are an increasing number of of market drivers that are accelerating change, creating unseen risks, and necessitating a rethink of business models for all businesses, even those that have been highly successful.  Here are a few of these drivers:

  • Information technologies served up in the cloud and consumed as needed
  • New kinds of participation models emerging across value chains and ecosystems, and among businesses of all kinds
  • The explosion of data and the use of analytics and AI among and within companies of all kinds – from high-tech to high-touch businesses, from small to large, from local to global
  • The spread of the IoT strategies and the growing challenges that come with using and operating on many kinds of technologies and platforms
  • Robotics, analytics and machine learning which are changing how businesses, their customers, and their partners work
  • Changing customer expectations for value received from products or services
  • Changing economic and financial realities as new business models change and reshape where and how work gets done and value gets exchanged.

We help senior leadership successfully navigate the Business Model Cycle:

The truth is, no company can fully achieve Operational Excellence without striving for Business Model Resilience and vice versa.  By using this model as a framework for thinking about the future, and by proactively working to balance the strategic and operational perspectives, your firm could help your clients constantly strive to ensure both business model resilience and operational excellence.

To help our clients develop resilient business models and operational excellence, we provide the following services:


Commercializing Technologies.   Learn more.

Competitive Analysis.  Learn more.

Core Competency Analysis.  Learn more.

Developing Partners & Channels.   Learn more.

Ecosystem Development.   Learn more.

Facilitating Workshops & Conferences.  Learn more.

Improving Distribution.  Learn more.

Investor Presentations & Collateral.  Learn more.

Enhancing Valuation.  Learn more.

Licensing Strategies.  Learn more.

Market Expansion Strategies.  Learn more.

Monetizing & Productizing Assets & Offerings.  Learn more.

Preparing for M&A.  Learn more.

Repurposing IP, Technologies, or Products.  Learn more.

Revenue and Growth Inhibitors Identification.  Learn more.

Revenue Strategy Assessments.  Learn more.

State-of-Play Market Analysis.  Learn more.

Strategic Funding Strategies.  Learn more.

Strategy and Growth Plan Development.  Learn more.

Value Proposition Development.  Learn more.