TGG Service: Value Proposition Development

Every organization must create value that matters to someone, somewhere.

Communicating the value you create depends on audience perceptions and willingness to listen.

Arguably, the most important audience for business are buying customers and end users.  In today’s world understanding your customers and end users is not easy because they are rarely if ever mono-dimensional.  So organizations almost always need to pay close attention and carefully understand the customer segments  user types that they serve.

Organizations also need to consider the value they create for others:  owners, investors, partners, employees, their communities, etc.

What Value Do You Create? And For Whom?

To understand value, TGG helps clients ask and answer these kinds of critical questions:

What kind of value do you create and for whom?

Who cares about the value you create and why?

How do they perceive that value?

What are they willing to give up to receive that value?

Where and how else can they obtain similar or better value?

What makes your value better or preferable?

What do you need to do to ensure that you can deliver the value they expect?

What does it cost you to deliver promised value consistently and reliably over time?

Is this sustainable?

How Do You Communicate Value?  What’s Your Story?

A value proposition by itself and lacking context will not communicate well.  By telling a story that places the listener at the center of that story, TGG clients learn how to bring a value proposition to life. 

This is why, after we have helped our clients answer the kinds of critical questions listed above, we not only help them craft their value propositions.  We also help them understand the value of using stories – not just statements – to communicate their value propositions and make them more credible.